• It was full of wonderful items. Including a course on The Egyptian Priestess practices. I learned so much.

  • The course was fantastic value. When I saw what was in the Witches Tool Box I wish I had upgraded.

  • The intoxicating scents of frankincense and myrrh wafted through the house even before I opened anything.

Create magic like the Egyptians do

Egypt - a world where Gods and Goddesses were as real as family members...

And where what you wanted could be achieved by laying offers at the feet of your chosen diety.

That's what we'll be teaching you how to harness in this course.

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Tarot Reading (Online)

This one hour session takes place over Zoom - a session with Leela consists of a tarot card reading (with plenty of time to ask questions!), along with any healing or psychic development work that the cards indicate need to take place.

About Leela

Owner of Australia’s largest Witchcraft supply store, High Priestess, Leela Cosgrove has spent the last 25 years of working as a professional psychic and healer. She has read for Hollywood Celebrities, Billionaires and Rock Stars.

As an entrepreneur, Leela has reated multiple multi-million dollar businesses over the last 15 years - in everything from marketing to software to fitness - for herself and her clients.

A third generation psychic, who was brought up on meditation, tarot cards and talking to angels, guides and the deceased, Leela melds her experience as an intuitive, with that of working as a successful entrepreneur, mentor and coach to help clients cut quickly to the heart of their issues and to start the healing process.

Leela believes that psychic and intuitive connection isn’t a “gift” limited to a special few, but rather an inherent and divine human right. There are simply people who’ve been trained, and people who haven’t. Leela thrives on helping people uncover their own latent skills and to bring those to the forefront.

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What's inside the Witches Magic Box?

Embodying the Egyptian Priestess Book

This 50-page book is full of information on embodying the concept of the Egyptian Priestess.

You'll also receive logins for the "Embodying the Egyptian Priestess" online course, which goes even further in-depth into these topics (and includes recorded meditations).

Invocation and Anointing Cards

These cards contain invocations for the main goddesses and recipes for the anointing oils).

Egyptian Symbols Deck

We created this deck of magical Egyptian symbols just for you. This deck can be used for divination, a focus for meditation practice or as part of your ritual work.

Scarab Candle

This scarab candle was created specifically for the Egyptian Priestess box. It's scented with Frankincense and Myrrh and is deal both for usage in this course ritual, but also as an altar item.

Egypt Cup

These cups are made from fine china and represent different scenes from ancient temples around Egypt.

Frankincense Resin

The resin inspires purification, centres the mind, body and spirit and is a gateway between the physical and spiritual.

Vervain Packet

Vervain is sacred to the Goddess Isis and was used throughout the ancient world as a herb for purification of sacred spaces. Perfect for your temple dedication ceremony.

Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa was used by the Ancient Egyptians as an incense in every temple - combine that with it's health benefits and it's the perfect oil for this course.

What's inside the Witches Tool Box?

Everything mentioned above, plus some extra exclusive and luxurious items.

Egyptian Priestess Oil

This oil has been made exclusively for the High Priestess boxes - it's a one-off fragrance made from oils imported from Egypt. It smells beautiful, but it's also deeply magical.

Ankh Cuff

A symbol of immortality in Ancient Egypt, is represented on this solid brass cuff. You can use this cuff as ritual jewellery, or as an altar item to help you focus your energy when working with Egyptian Goddesses.

Hibiscus Tea

This is sourced from Egypt and it is the drink fo the Pharaohs as well as having a number of health benefits - packed with antioxidants, high in Vitamin C, lowers blood pressure, great for liver health.